Welcome!  This is the official website of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC).  We are a large coalition of Neighborhood Councils and welcome everyone to this open process.  Don't be left out!  Join the LA NC Coalition!  Send a delegate from your Neighborhood Council to represent you in this important process in Los Angeles.

About Us

Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles came about with the revision of the City Charter in 1999.  Article IX, Section 901(c) of that Charter states that the Neighborhood Councils should come together as a Congress of Neighborhoods. Why a "Congress of Neighborhoods"? What did the members of the Revision Commission mean when they used that term? According to the members of the Revision Commission, it was envisioned that Neighborhood Councils would come together to communicate with one another and to discuss and decide major issues affecting the citizens of Los Angeles. The formation of the Congress was to be left up to the Neighborhood Councils themselves.

Now, that time has come!  The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition is intended to enhance the ability of NCs, as well as their clout and influence, giving a larger voice on issues affecting more than one neighborhood. The Coalition is not intended to usurp or interfere with the role of an individual Neighborhood Council in their own neighborhood.

Chair:  Terrence Gomes
Vice-Chair:  David Uebersax
Secretary:  (vacant - could be YOU!)
Treasurer:  Glenn Bailey

Email the LANCC officers at LANCC@EmpowerLA.org


Next LANCC Meeting: 

Saturday, November 3, 2018
10:00 am

LA DWP Headquarters Building
Cafeteria Level
111 N. Hope St.
Los Angeles  90012

Free parking:  Enter from Hope Street, advise parking attendant that you are attending the Neighborhood Council meeting.

Bicycle racks are in front of the lower entrance.

Public Transit:  Civic Center Station of the Red and Purple subway lines is two blocks to the east. 


Meeting Agenda: 11/3/18 

    1. Christopher Garcia, Office of City Clerk, updates on NC elections.
    2. Dylan Sittig, Department of Planning, update regarding the Proposed Restaurant Beverage Program Ordinance and other updates to planning in the City.
    3. Terrence Gomes, LAFD CERT Battalion 18, how Neighborhood Councils can create a starting point for their emergency preparedness Resiliency Plan proposed by the Mayor.
    4. Gabriel Kahan, Sense LA, Using Art & Collective Intelligence to bring communities together. Discussion and information on upcoming workshops for Neighborhood Councils.
    5. Bob Gelfand, Coastal San Pedro, updates on the Congress sessions on the Ryu motion, borough system, and the idea of real power. 

    1. The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) (XXXXXX Neighborhood Council) finds the actions of Mayor Garcetti to be unacceptable in regards to his response to the Typhus epidemic which has continued to worsen, with 107 people now infected. The Mayor has allowed heaps of uncollected garbage to linger on the streets of Los Angeles and failed to fulfill a promise to fumigate for fleas and vermin on the twenty-three blocks in Downtown Los Angeles known as the Typhus Zone creating breeding grounds for the disease.  As of November 1, 2018, The Department of Public Works has only fumigated six out of twenty-three blocks endangering public health. Moving forward, The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) (XXXXXX Neighborhood Council) demands that the Mayor and the Department of Public Works finish eradicating the cause of the Typhus outbreak in the Typhus Zone within the next seven days and create an outreach plan through the City’s current homeless outreach channels to educate the public on how to mitigate the spread of Typhus.

    1. NCD- Grayce Liu/Mike Fong
    2. City Clerk- 2019 NC Election Updates
    3. Budget Advocates 
    4. Board of Neighborhood Commissioners-Len Shaffer
    5. Speed Round/ Announcements/ Alliances’ Updates
    6. Adjournment        
NOTE:  Next month's LANCC and DWP meetings will be held on 
Saturday, December 1, 2018 
at the usual DWP location and times.  

And meeting just prior to LANCC:
8:45 am DWP MOU Oversight Committee (even months) or DWP Advocacy Committee (odd months)

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018

Location:  LA DWP Headquarters Building, Cafeteria Level, 111 N. Hope St., Los Angeles 90012

Meeting topics 7/7/18:

  • The One Water Plan and the impact on Ratepayers.

  • The 100% Renewable Energy Advisory Committee and the impact on Ratepayers.

  • Mono Lake.

  • Greater transparency for the DWP Pension and OPEB plans.

  • The proposed County Rain Tax.

  • The Ratepayer Advocate will also attend to discuss rates and answer questions.

As always, bring your own coffee.

LANCC is in the process of revising its Bylaws.  At the May 4, 2013 LANCC meeting, it was agreed that a revised version (Draft D dated May 2, 2013) would be forwarded to NCs for their approval. After your NC acts, please forward your meeting agenda and vote to: LANCC@EmpowerLA.org 

The current LANCC Charter dated February 2008 may be downloaded here.

(Updated 5/30/13)

Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils

There are presently 96 Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles, with a few more in the works.  Click here to view the list of all NCs, then click on the individual NC name to view its EmpowerLA webpage including the list of Board members.

The City Charter endows our Neighborhood Councils
with the right and the responsibility
for holding periodic joint meetings
of all Neighborhood Councils.

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