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                            Neighborhood Councils

ANNUAL FUNDING:  The amount allocated to each Neighborhood Council has varied over various Fiscal Years:       $32,000  (FY 2022-23, 2021-22 and 2020-21)                                                                                                         $42,000  (FY 2019-20, 2018-19 and 2017-18)                                                                                                         $37,000  (FY 2016-17, 2015-16, 2014-15, 2013-14, 2012-13)                                                                                           $40,500 (FY 2011-12)                                                                                                                                                   $45,000 (FY *2010-11, *2009-10)                                                                                                                                       $50,000 (FY *2008-09, *2007-08, *2006-07, *2005-06, 2004-05, 2003-04)

*Rollover of up to $100,000 from two previous Fiscal Years provided

(Updated 2/9/23)

CITY BUDGET:  The Mayor will release her proposed 2023-24 Budget on or before April 20, 2023.  The City Council Budget and Finance Committee will begin budget hearing for each City department in late April/early May.  City Council hearings will begin in May, with adoption of the budget scheduled before the end of May.
Council File 23-0600

2023-24 ACTION:  The NC Budget Advocates will present their 2023 "White Paper" recommendations to the Mayor, likely during March.

NC Budget Advocates website linked here.

(Updated 2/8/2023)

                         Planning and the Environment
CREATION OF DEPARTMENT OF CITY PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT:  Functionally integrate Planning, Building and Safety, Engineering, Contract Administration, Fire, and Transportation related to development responsibilities.
Council File 13-0046

ACTION:  Approved by City Council's Planning and Land Use Committee on April 23, 2013 and agendized that report for its April 30, 2013 meeting.  Scheduled for full City Council on May 7, 2013.  One NC has submitted a Community Impact Statement.
(Updated 4/30/13)

MURAL ORDINANCE:  Would allow the creation and preservation of the original art murals and public art Installations on private property, including single family residences.

Council File 11-0923

ACTION:  Approved by City Council's Planning and Land Use Committee on January 15, 2013with an amendment to allow murals on single family homes.  City Council approval pending, possibly in July 2013. Four NCs have submitted Community Impact Statements.
(Updated 6/17/13)

MOBILITY ELEMENT:  City Planning Department is updating the former Transportation Element of 1999.  Environmental review process began with scoping meetings on April 16 and 22, 2013.  For project information visit:
Council File 11-2022-S1

ACTION:  EIR scoping public comment period ends May 6, 2013.
(Updated 4/24/13)

SINGLE USE BAG BAN:  Environmental Impact Report being finalized; Bureau of Sanitation to submit to City Council by May 30, 2013.
Council File 11-1531

ACTION:  EIR will be heard at City Council's Energy and Environment Committee on June 17, 2013, 3:00 pm, City Hall Room 350, and then by the full City Council on June 18, 2013.  Seven NCs have submitted Community Impact Statements.
(Updated 6/12/13)

COMMUNITY CARE FACILITIES ORDINANCE:  On January 30, 2013 the City Council referred this item to a new Community Care Facilities Working Group.

Council File 11-0262

ACTION:  22 NCs have submitted Community Impact Statements.
(Updated 4/14/13)

HOUSING ELEMENT UPDATE:  Due to SB 375's alignment of transportation and housing planning, the City must adopt an updated Housing Element for the period September 30, 2013 through October 1, 2012.  The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) allocation for the next eight years is 82,008 units, with 57% of them affordable to lower and moderate income households.  
Website link.

ACTION:  Draft document to be released May 2013 with workshops and public hearings being held in July 2013.  Contact:  Matthew Glesne 213-978-2666.
(Updated 4/14/13)

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CHAPTER:  This will be a new addition to the City's General Plan Framework Element and will use planning-based tools such as transportation, land use, open space and environmental standards to increase opportunities for healthy activities, choices, and living in Los Angeles.

ACTION:  Chapter now being drafted.  Contacts:  Elizabeth Carvajal 213-978-1212 and Lys Mendez 213-978-1207
(Updated 4/14/13)

                   Water and Power; Infrastructure

LADWP Customer Bill of Rights - Proposed 1/3/17

Pending approval by Board of Water and Power Commissioners

Customer Bill of Rights Image

Water and power are essential to life and our economy. LADWP is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality water and power, with prompt, consistent and easily accessible customer service. We will approach our business practices in a collaborative way with the interest and needs of our customers in mind. We will proactively seek the best outcomes for our customers. We will provide our services in a safe, reliable and cost-effective manner that is sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Our Service Commitment to Our Customers 

1.  Quick, Clear and Consistent Customer Service

Our Service Philosophy

  • Customers should be treated with courtesy, honesty, empathy and respect.
  • Customers should find it easy to access services and information, including billing and usage data.
  • Every question deserves an answer, and inquiries should be responded to promptly and followed up to completion.
  • Customers should be informed of progress and receive updates about the status of requests.
  • Service hours and locations should be convenient to customers.
  • Customers should receive clear, accurate and consistent information.
  • Customer interactions should be simple and streamlined, and continuously improved.
  • Automated service options should be continuously expanded for customer convenience.

 Our Service Level Commitments

  • Call wait times shall not exceed three minutes on average.
  • LADWP will respond to account related questions received via email within 24 hours or next business day of receipt.
  • LADWP will send 95% of bills, on average, within three business days of meter read.
  • Bills that exceed three times the average historic use for the same billing period will automatically be reviewed. If a customer receives a bill that is three times their average historic billing period use due to an inaccurate meter reading, they will receive a $25 bill credit and the bill will be corrected.
  • Customers who do not provide access to their meter for an actual meter read will be informed at least twice and at least 10 days before service is disconnected.
  • LADWP will replace defective meters within 90 days of it first being reported or discovered by LADWP.
  • Requests to start a new residential account will be processed within one business day (or on the day requested by the account holder) or the connection fee will be waived.
  • Customers who sign up for paperless billing for the first time will receive a one-time $10 credit and an additional one-time $15 credit if they also sign up for auto pay at that time, through December 31, 2018.
  • New business service connections of 200 amps or less shall be completed within 10 business days after approved final inspection is received by LADWP or customer will receive a one-time $25 credit.
  • Solar interconnections for residential projects 10 KW or less shall be within 10 business days after approved final inspection is received by LADWP or the customer will receive a one-time $25 credit.
2.  Reliable, Safe and Sustainable Power

Our Service Philosophy

  • Customers should receive reliable power, meeting or exceeding the reliability of comparable utilities.
  • Ratepayer money will support substantial investments to operate and maintain, upgrade or replace power infrastructure to ensure continued reliability, cost effectiveness and environmental performance.

 Our Service Level Commitments

  • On average, customers will experience no more than one unplanned outage annually, lasting less than two hours, as reported through standardized industry metrics for frequency and duration.
  • LADWP will provide notification of power outages and expected service restoration on our mobile enabled website, on average, within 60 minutes of LADWP becoming aware of the outage and diagnosing the cause.
3.  Reliable and High Quality Water

Our Service Philosophy

  • Customers should receive safe and reliable water that meets or exceeds mandated water quality levels.
  • Ratepayer money will support substantial investments to operate and maintain, upgrade or replace aging water infrastructure to ensure continued reliability, cost effectiveness, and environmental performance.

 Our Service Level Commitments

  • On average, 98% of water customers will experience no service interruptions annually.
  • LADWP will provide notice of water outages with an explanation and information on expected service restoration in person or on our mobile enabled website, on average, within 60 minutes of LADWP becoming aware of the outage and diagnosing the cause. 
  • Water system leaks will be investigated and assessed within four hours of LADWP becoming aware of a potential pipe break, and will be prioritized for repair based on severity.
  • Respond to water quality customer complaints before the end of the next business day.
  • Water quality information will be publicly available online.
4.  Collaborative Operations and Programs

Our Service Philosophy

  • Rebate and incentive programs should be tailored for all of our customers, including renters, property owners and small and large businesses irrespective of economic, social or cultural differences.
  • Rebate and incentive programs should be developed to primarily assist in lowering customer power and water bills and reducing environmental impacts.
  • LADWP will collaborate with its customers to ensure services are designed and managed to meet customer needs.
  • LADWP will make every effort to provide the maximum amount of cost-effective investment in energy efficiency and water conservation programs available to benefit customers.

 Our Service Level Commitments

  • Rebates and incentive programs will be easy to access and completed applications reviewed within 30 days.
  • LADWP is committed to budgeting and issuing rebates that encourage customers to help us meet long term 15% energy efficiency and 25% water conservation goals.

The service levels established herein are subject to the express reauthorization by the Board of Water and Power Commissioners every twenty-four months. All service level commitments are effective starting February 1, 2017. Customers must request to receive waivers and credits. Service levels apply to services during non-emergency operations and normal operating conditions. These service levels supersede any previously established service levels on the subjects addressed in the Customer Bill of Rights. All services are subject to customer compliance with all of the appropriate rules for service, permits, regulations, ordinances or other applicable terms and conditions for the particular service. This Customer Bill of Rights is not intended to, does not, and should not be implied to create any legal rights or remedies beyond those set forth in the Rules Governing Water and Electric Service, which are the legally binding rules between LADWP and its customers.

To learn more, see the Customer Bill of Rights Draft Presentation to the Board of Water and Power Commissioners.

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The Department issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an On-Line Voting System and Candidate Registration. The RFP’s were to be submitted to the Department on Friday, November 7, 2014.

The Department received a total of four (4) responses. Of the four responses, the Department recommended to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) on February 12, 2015 to award Professional Services Agreements to the following company that complied with all of the requirements set forth in the RFP:

  • Everyone Counts

The proposed contract is for a period of three (3) years commencing upon the date of City Clerk attestation. 

View the proposed contract with Everyone Counts (a link to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment website).

ACTION:  BONC will consider the proposed contract with Everyone Counts at its special meeting on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 and again at its regular meeting on Monday, March 16, 2015.

(Updated 2/23/15)

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