Neighborhood Council Liaisons 

                                   Animal Services

The second Animal Services Liaison meeting was held on April 17, 2017.  Once a meeting report is received, it will be posted here.

The next Liaison meeting may be scheduled in 2019.

The first Animal Services Liaison meeting was held on January 9, 2017 and the minutes are linked here.

On January 26, 2017 Community leaders representing 57 Neighborhood Councils met with Public Works Commission President Kevin James and FilmLA President Paul Audley in LA’s first Neighborhood Council Film Liaison Town Hall.

For those who were there and for those who have signed up as Film Liaisons since then, here are 10 steps to Empowerment!

Make it Official - Take Mayoral Directive #6 to your Neighborhood Council and have them pass a resolution supporting the City of LA's commitment to supporting the film industry and to working with Film LA.

Create a Space - Place the FilmLA logo with a link to their website so that your stakeholders can quickly connect with “the official film office of the greater Los Angeles region.” You can also place a link to the Film Liaison for your Neighborhood Council. Ultimately, the objective is to make it easy for the community to connect with FilmLA and to create good channels of communication in both directions.

Get Social - Follow, Like, Friend, and connect with all 96 Councils, all 42 Departments, FilmLA, and all of your new best friends - the other Film Liaisons. Then share the information with your network and become the trusted source of information in your community.

Work Together - There is strength in numbers and there is great value to be enjoyed by sharing best practices. Connect with your neighboring Neighborhood Councils and work together.

Forge Relationships - The fastest route to conflict resolution is to create a network of people who can identify issues, connect with the right people, and pursue solutions. Typically the most significant frustration comes from knocking on the wrong doors and getting bad directions to another wrong door. Establishing a Film Liaison who is connected to FilmLA’s representatives makes it easy to give great directions to the right people with the best solutions.

Partner with Power - Your City Council office is an awesome partner and CD3’s Michael Owens is a great example. He works with his community to ensure great relationships with FilmLA and he also gave location Managers a tour of his district to promote filming, resulting in a “double-digit” increase in local filming which generated local income. He also introduced WraPal which allows the community to register their property for use as a film location.

Invite those Guests - One of the great things about the Film Liaison Town Hall was the large number of Industry professionals that are ready to jump at the opportunity to meet with community groups to talk about filming and ways to create win-win opportunity. When they introduced themselves, they also gave their neighborhood and it turns out, they’re your stakeholders!

Inform to Engage - The simplest and most effective route to engaging your community starts with great information. Linda Alexander of Central San Pedro has done a great job creating a resource guide that informs and engages people by connecting them with the information they need. San Pedro also has a Filming Brochure.

Engage to Empower - The most resilient communities are those that are engaged, connected, sharing information and inspiration at every opportunity. The most significant route to Empowerment is to engage each other in the journey and to work together.

Share Best Practices - LA is the center of the creative universe, filled with storytellers! We’d love to hear your stories and we promise to share them with others so that we can all benefit from your hard work. Seriously, email us and let us know what you’re doing!

Each of LA’s 96 Neighborhood Councils can designate one Film Liaison who can be a Board Member or a stakeholder. The President can appoint the Liaison or the Board can select the Film Liaison. Some councils have more than one liaison but there must be a lead who is the single point of contact for FilmLA.

The Mayor’s Executive Directive #6 calls on the City of LA to support the Film Industry and it is in that spirit that the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment is supporting the organization the Neighborhood Council Film Liaisons.

FilmL.A. is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit public benefit organization and the official film office of the City of Los Angeles, providing streamlined permit processing and production planning services to filmmakers and comprehensive community relations, marketing services, film policy analysis and more to local governments, FilmL.A. works to attract and retain film production in Greater Los Angeles.

LA is both the Film capital of the world and the civic engagement capital of the world, and the continued partnership between Neighborhood Councils and the Industry will be a force to reckon with!

For more information on the Neighborhood Council Film Liaisons, email Stephen Box at or call 213-978-1551.


The most recent Homeless Alliance meeting was held on Monday, October 29, 2018 at 6:30 pm. There were presentations from Mayor Eric Garcetti's Office on 'A Bridge Home', the organization PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) described what their organization does and how they can work with NCs, and Neighborhood Council board members presented on what they've done in their community.

Listen to Homeless Alliance October 29, 2018 Presentations:
(click on each audio link below then click on right arrow in gray oval)

Angie Aramayo, Central Area Representative, Mayor's Office of Public Engagement, "A Bridge Home" audio (30:14 minutes)

Brigid Kelly, Stephen Fiechter, and Jesus Torres, PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) audio (25 minutes)

Remi Kessler, "The Advocates" documentary film director, audio (14:12 minutes) - view trailer

Simone Best, Canoga Park and West Hills NCs, audio (17:35 minutes)

Wendell Blassingame, Downtown Los Angeles NC, audio (7:29 minutes)

                                  Purposeful Aging

Mayor Eric Garcetti's Age-Friendly City Initiative: Purposeful Aging LA, provides the framework for leading an innovative, multi-year effort in the City of Los Angeles to improve the lives of today's older adults and to create a better tomorrow for future generations.

As part of the Purposeful Aging Los Angeles (PALA) Initiative, the County and City of Los Angeles released the Age-Friendly Action Plan for the Los Angeles Region 2018-2021, which will guide efforts over the next three years to enhance our region’s age-friendliness in key areas such as transportation, housing, emergency preparedness, social participation and outdoor spaces.

This Action Plan will build age-friendly communities that will improve the lives of not only older adults, but everyone in Los Angeles County. To view the Age-Friendly Action Plan, please click HERE.

Event information: This meeting will include a presentation from the General Manager of the Department of Aging, Laura Trejo, to update the Neighborhood Councils on this initiative. Also, we will hear from Neighborhood Council board members on their experiences and efforts with aging issues.

Parking: Parking information will be sent to you after you RSVP. Free parking will be available.


The first NC Purposeful Aging Liaison Town Hall was held on January 31, 2017 and a report of the session is linked here.

The second Civic U: Resilient Los Angeles was held on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 from 6:30 - 8 :30 pm, at Ronald F. Deaton Auditorium, located at 100 W. 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. 

Please see link for more information on Resilient Los Angeles: 

The City asks each Neighborhood Council to select at least one Resilience Liaison to represent your NC if you haven't already.

Listen to Civic U: Resilient Los Angeles October 30, 2018 Presentations:
(click on each audio link below then click on right arrow in gray oval)

Marissa Aho, Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Los Angeles, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti audio (6:06 minutes)

Glenn Pomeroy, California Earthquake Authority audio (12:20 minutes)

Conrad Starr, Greater Wilshire NC "Shocks and Stressors" audio (13:45 minutes)

Jacob Finn, Policy Manager for Cybersecurity, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA Cyber Lab audio (22:30 minutes)

Terrence Gomes and CERT Captain Cody Weireter  "NCs and Resiliency" audio (36:08 minutes)

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